I think I’m a Clone now…

As mentioned elsewhere, it’s no secret that we employ thousands of clone workers  at our North facility, the ethics of which are once again protected by our secret location (among other things). Go us!

So why clones? Why not? Despite our best efforts in recruiting people pooled from the general population on Earth, it seems someone always comes poking around, like friends or loved ones, even watchdog groups. This of course is a threat to our relative anonymity. The solution came to us quite by accident during one of our failed experiments involving teleportation and voila!

Enter the Non-Person Clone (NPC). An NPC is essentially a value brand human with a few physiological differences that make them ideal for testing and even manual labour. In terms of testing, we like to ensure that our pharmaceuticals meet client expectations before unleashing it into the world and generally like to see what effects it might have. This is not just necessary to avoid class action lawsuits for our subsidiaries but rather to know what the warning label should sometimes read.

Although not exclusively their occupation, NPC’s also make good Mutant Runners. Since that occupation tends to carry with it a rather high mortality rate which, as one can imagine, has been a rather large thorn in our side when it comes to finding willing volunteers through outsourced security companies, temp agencies, and don’t even get us started on any type of unionized shop. Nonetheless, we do still include the option of volunteering yourself or someone you know to the program.