Social Engineering

Social Engineering – A delicate art form

Even though we’re a world leader in pharmaceuticals and technology, it doesn’t end there, in fact, one of the main services we provide is in the field of social engineering.

To begin, we should explain just what social engineering is, after all, we have many employees here at our facility (that we haven’t created ourselves – see clones), who can attest to just how close to home life here is and it’s no coincidence that we’ve modeled our facility after the outside world, or have we?

What we offer:

You see, there are very important people in the world who are instrumental in driving the direction that we take as a species and if we are to move forward one must realize that everyone has to be placed into a role that best fits with that direction. That’s where we come in, to offer a wide variety of packages that cater to these unsung, progressive heroes who have sought to bend the world to their will.

Our programs are specifically designed to help run a large population while supplying just enough ‘illusion of freedom’ to help sort out who’s who. This sorting process is a part of what we engineer here at the facility. For example, with centralized banking, we’ve found that those who elect to operate on credit are to be sorted into a support role, while those who reject credit, tend to find themselves in leadership roles due to often outstanding financial well being. This is an automated process that can be installed in almost any country and has seen a great deal of success so far.

There’s more:

It doesn’t stop there, we have also helped many nations under a plutocracy rule, disguise itself as a democratic nation, to its subjects and even to external entities. This has been one of our more popular options, available in some of out most basic packages for centuries. However we can custom tailor any needs to fit within any system using one of our many facilities as a test bed where ideas can be explored without worldwide repercussions.

Naturally, some might argue that this form of control is “evil” and to lock societies into an endless system of servitude, to the will of others, is unethical but it is often those who disagree with a system that don’t have the power to escape it and thus have no choice but to accept and settle with very little, if any, backlash.

For example, an employee might be morally opposed to a dictatorship, yet find themselves a part of a corporation which itself, along with almost all corporations, is a fascist dictatorship. Thus, the resource will inevitably settle into the system regardless, with little more than an opinion about an external entity of which they have no control over while continuing, oblivious, and quite ironically, with their current situation.

Our resources:

At our north facility, we test using over four-thousand clones in a self-contained eco-system similar in nature to our mutant farm, of course instead of caves we offer shopping malls, entertainment centers, and apartment blocks. We even use an in-company currency only accepted at the facility, a leftover from early centralized banking testing initiatives.

So, if you are a newly appointed or self-appointed dictator, or leader of a “free” nation state, and wish to inquire about the use of our programs please contact your local Freekin ambassador, who will have undoubtedly already set up shop within your borders and most likely has already made contact with you. If not, don’t worry, we have eyes everywhere and will seek you out, when we feel you are ready.