ATTN: Shareholders

Dear loyal SMG shareholders,

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce today, our acquisition of “Space Monkey Games Ltd.” Your shares will be absorbed into our organization but remain reflective upon their value under the previous company as it settles into its new home as a division under our vast umbrella. For example, looking at the current value, if you had $1 worth of stock in SMG, it’s now worth $0.01 within its new home at FRK Holdings. But we urge you not to “cash out” at this time, as we predict that value will grow by as much as 5% over the next fiscal decade.

Now we would like to take this opportunity to dispel a few myths you might have heard or may hear in the future about our Social Engineering venture and Free Range Mutant endeavors before anyone from the press or perhaps even the authorities contact you. Yes, we may have dabbled in a few programs that might have been considered crimes against humanity or morality but we’ve taken great strides to settle differences with any would-be whistle-blowers that might have involuntarily left our facility. If you were unaware of any of these activities, never mind, it’s not important.

What is important is how your long term investment is helping to reshape the world as we see fit, and the financial rewards that come with that commitment.

Horrp Yamerfjord
Vice President
Freekin Department of Mergers and Acquisitions