We’re back online!

Hello everyone, first an explanation is in order. We suffered another catastrophic event after a [Mutant] ran amok in our server room. Now, of course it had to happen during “Austerity Month.” So, IT had to send an intern down to storage, to recover ‘the old server‘. There was a time when we said we’d never plug it back in, never give it power, let alone access to the net. Not after it inexplicably gained sentience, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So far we haven’t seen any sign of ‘probing’ taking place, that is, this machine will start to seek out nuclear launch codes but we have someone watching with their finger on the power bar button, so everyone can rest easy.

More information to come as we try to salvage anything from the older site. And this is also why you don’t keep the backups physically next to the main.